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DRE License # 958658

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Office Phone: +1 (760) 535-9511
Home Phone: +1 (760) 352-0662
  Fax: +1 (760) 352-8979

Office: 1665 West Ocotillo Drive, El Centro, CA 92243-4150
Mail: P.O.B. 4145, El Centro, California 92244-4145

Serving Areas of the Imperial County:
El Centro ~ Imperial ~ Brawley ~ Calipatria ~ Calexico ~ Holtville ~ Salton Sea
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Foreclosures, Government Home & Property Sales, Surplus Land
Available HUD Homes for Sale & Real Estate for Sale from Government
(Includes commercial buildings, investment properties, land, multifamily and single family homes, condominiums, mobile homes, farms, ranches, and agricultural properties.)
U.S. Departments of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Agriculture (USDA/Rural Development), and Veterans Affairs (VA) homes for sale
Financing & Loan/Mortgage Considerations
Looking for the Best Mortgage from the FTC , FDIC and the HUD
Home Loan Guaranty Services, Veterans Benefits and Services
Buying a HomeOwningSellingRentingSenior/Seniors Housing
Fair Housing & Equal Opportunity (FHEO) + FHEO Library of Examples - Home Buyers Vocabulary
What's A Mortgage Loan? - Types of Loans (Fannie May)
Home Equity Loan Considerations and How to Avoid Foreclosure (HUD)
Buying versus Renting: A calculator to compare..owning vs. renting a home.
(fixed-rate mortgages, adjustable-rate mortgages, low and no down payment mortgages, home improvement mortgages, reverse mortgages for seniors, and special financing mortgages.)
Reverse Mortgages
Reverse Mortgage: Get the Facts Before Cashing In On Your Home’s Equity (
Reverse Mortgages for Seniors + Top Ten Things to Know if You're Interested in a Reverse Mortgage (
Moving/Relocation Tools:
(sources: &
Moving Calculator - Moving Timeline Generator - Military Friendly Version
Salary Calculator - City Reports - School Reports - Community Reports / Demographics - Relocation Crime Reports / Lab
Cost of Living Comparison between Two Cities - More sites for Key expenses
Glossaries & Terminology:
California Department of Real Estate: Laws, Escrow, Regulations, Forms, FAQs + State & Federal links
Fannie Mae's Home Buyers Glossary & real estate and mortgage terms
Home Inspection: California Real Estate Inspection Association information for Buyers / Sellers & Real Estate Professionals
Compare Cities & Salaries - Research Schools - Jobs & Employment Opportunities
Glossary of Commercial Property Terms (
Rental/Lease Forms & Landlord & Tenant Forms ( automated legal forms)
( Eviction/Lease Notices, Lease Amending Agreement, Lease Assignment Agreement, Lease Agreement (Commercial), Roommate Agreement, Rental Application (Residential), Other Rental Contracts, Rental/Lease Agreement (Residential) FAQ, General Legal FAQ)
Finance Calculators:
(sources:, US Gov't,,,,
Rates - Bank, Mortgage, Tax, School Loan, Equity, Personal, Vehicle, Renovations (source:
Home Affordability, Mortgage Calculator, Mortgage Refinance, Loan Comparison by Term, Fixed versus Adjustable, Loan Comparison by Rate, Home Value Projection, Rent versus Buy, Credit Analyzer, Current Home Value
Calculate Your Mortgage Payments - Should Your Refinance?
Mortgage Payment Calculator (HUD) - Mortgage Refinancing - Payment/Pre-Payment/Equity Options
Can You Afford It? - Worksheet - How Much Can I Borrow? - Fixed or Adjustable?
Mortgage Shopping Worksheet, Glossary, Negotiating, Comparing (Federal Reserve)
Credit Scoring - Pay Points? - What are discount, origination, primer about, etc.
Calculators: Mortgage, Home, Equity, Auto, CDs & Investments, Credit Cards, Debt Management, College Finance, Personal Finance
A Second Home? - Monthly Payments/Pre-Payments - Interest Totals - Closing Costs
Downpayment - Metric/Engish Conversion - Paycheck Calculators - Currency Converter #1 or #2
Currency Converter by, The Currency Site.
(sources: HUD - Bankrate - Allstate)
Interest Rates:
Average Interest Rates - Today's High/Low Five (5) - Average Mortgage Rates - Compare Rates Offered
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